Founding Director

Robert was born in the mid 1960’s in Nashville TN to Marcy and Seawell J. Brandau. Robert was the 4th generation of Brandau Printing a large format offset printing company which produced items that could be found in most people’s homes in the United States.

After college Robert returned to work in the family printing firm for 5 years. Unfortunately, this was a color printing firm and Robert was color blind. This was one of many reasons this was not a good fit. 

There were many reasons Robert left Nashville TN in 1992 and moved to Washington DC.

Robert held various jobs in the Washington DC area, prior to becoming a recruiter in April of 1998 for Consultis a new recruiting firm. For the 3 years he was there, Robert generally was the top performer in his role for the 5 regional offices he was part of. He loved (and still loves) building business from scratch. Robert has reason to believe he was the top performer of the 40 nationwide offices for high end placements.

Robert started his own firm Increasing Revenue where he provided sales consulting and salesperson recruitment services. In 2003, he volunteered with Ready to Work a division of Women in Technology that assisted job seekers. Over the years, Robert went from being a recruiter focused solely on finding appropriate talent for his clients to having a heart to assist motivated job seekers in streamlining their job search.

Since January of 1993, Robert has been a supporter of CBMC (Christian Business Men’s Connection) a national organization. Since 2003, Robert has been a Director of the High Tech Prayer Breakfast, one of the largest annual events in Northern Virginia. Robert served one year on the planning committee of the Alaska Forum on the Environment.

In 2009, Robert along with Diana Villarreal and Boyd Camak started Beltway Job Search Partners which has become As far as we can tell, this is the only organization helping motivated job seekers run by professional recruiters. Giving the right advice to job seekers can only happen when the people on the other side of the desk (HR and Recruiters) are providing the advice. Thus, our speakers are true professionals rather than just concerned volunteers. Since the humble beginnings in McLean, Virginia it has grown into a national organization.

Robert thrives on assisting individuals in their job search. The one on one in depth interaction is everything to him. Many have received advice and suggestions that they have implemented leading them to better jobs, more pay, and happier lives.

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