My Experience with by Silvia Ferguson

I came across when I needed it the most. I had been working as a preschool teacher for a private daycare facility for five years. Unfortunately, the environment was getting very toxic, a lot of gossiping, and the school had deteriorated to the point where it cut classes, teachers lost hours, and some were let go. We were all competing against each other to get the classes and hours we wanted and needed. I decided to use my summer break to apply for jobs.


I was terrified! I hadn’t applied for a job in years and had no idea how to attack the job market. First, I visited the Workforce Center in Virginia and took free classes. I got helpful training, but they also scared me with how big my competition was and how difficult it would be to get a job interview.

I started attending seminars in mid-July of 2019 and had a completely different experience. Everything was positive, and everyone was so helpful. I had a few one-on-one meetings with Robert Brandau, and he helped me with my résumé, taught me about LinkedIn, how to answer difficult questions at an interview, and much more. With each seminar, I became more confident and motivated. I felt like everything was going in the right direction. The résumé looked much better, the LinkedIn page finally looked professional, and I was prepared for interviews. Robert also introduced me to other recruiters. Best of all, I actually had a few interviews shortly after. Robert saw qualities in me that no one else had seen, and he listened to me.

The significant takeaway from attending for me is the positivity and encouragement, and most of all, the Christian story at the end. I know God led me to resign the preschool teacher position and directed me to I was so frightened but resigned anyway because I didn’t want to go back to the toxic environment; I was getting sick just thinking about it. I honestly talked to everyone about my situation and what kind of job I was looking for. People were listening and helpful in connecting me with others. In my case, Robert talked to a small business owner (John Yu at Office Evolution) who was looking for a new business-center manager. My interview went smoothly, and I got hired one and a half months after attending my first seminar. It still blows my mind! I feel so blessed, and I am so thankful to Robert and the team. I love my job!

I also learned not to rely on online job databases (e.g., Indeed, Monster) and to value networking events such as Now, I look for opportunities to connect with as many people as possible (friends, neighbors, and any place you run into people). offers a friendly, positive, motivating, honest, and helpful support community for job seekers, and unbelievably, it’s completely free!

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